Be a Creeper, Reach Me Everywhere

marzgurl | Feb 22 2013 | zero 

I often end up posting all of my video media, at the very least, to, like, every single popular social network all at once these days.  I hope to have my personal web site ( become a centralized place where you can visit and view everything all at once so you don’t have to jump around to all these different places to see what I’m doing and working on.  For now, though, I’m creating a list of places that I update frequently and you can check on at your own convenience. – I tweet things.  Pretty much daily.  This’ll give you more insight to how I think, and pretty much all the projects I work on end up getting tweeted.  I often ask my followers questions and get answers for future projects this way.  Sometimes I may say a witty quip.  You might like that.  Maybe. – My Facebook page.  It’s a fan page build, because, I must admit, for the most part my personal account is simply mine.  I don’t tend to add people I’ve never met or worked with.  So this is one way to get updates on your Facebook news feed.  I usually post important updates, videos, and site updates here.  It doesn’t get very personal past that.  But I communicate with people there, too. – I’m on Google+… for some reason.  This is almost purely and solely updated with video updates, but, hey, some of you like Google+, so who am I to argue with how you social network? – I post videos and long updates, and more often lately, answer submitted questions.  I try to answer short, simple questions privately, and particularly though-provoking ones publicly.  So, you can get a better idea of who I am using a combination of Twitter and Tumblr.

Again, I’m hoping that one day all of these things can be easily integrated with  That way you don’t have to jump around to get anything.  But for now, this will have to do.  Thanks, guys!

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