First, if you haven’t already seen it, here’s where you can find my Patreon page.

Some of you may have heard that, as of yesterday, I am no longer working a “normal dayjob” and have gone to creating videos full time. This is indeed true. I wanted to do a write-up on what exactly this means, both for myself and for you as a viewer.

For starters, why is this happening? Well, I’ve known for the majority of the year that I would no longer have my dayjob. I did not quit, and I was not fired. I was laid off. The work that the company I was working for was doing got shifted to another company, and as a result, the entire branch of the company that was doing this work was laid off, and we all knew it was coming for quite some time, and we even knew the exact date it would happen. So for me, this isn’t at all a shock or a surprise. In fact, I’m thrilled. It was a job that was misery to go to every single day and that kept me away from doing the video work I would have much rather been doing. For so long I’ve wanted to complete old projects, like the Ralph Bakshi retrospective I’d begun, or finishing the overview of Final Fantasy XIII. But now, I have that time, and those will be attended to ASAP. The point is, I’m very happy this happened, because everybody knew I was miserable and wanted me to get out, and them laying me off gave me a good reason to just go ahead and do what I really wanted to be doing anyway.

But I also have to look at this realistically. Currently, my video production brings in enough money monthly to be able to cover either my car payment or my rent, depending on how good the month is, but not both. And I don’t even hardly think about ad revenue from YouTube or anything. I can’t hardly gripe at anybody about either YouTube Red or the personal decision to use ad block or anything like that. My numbers don’t reflect a lot of YouTube ad revenue pouring in at all. My entire paycheck relies solely on Patreon currently. I’ll be looking into other avenues (and have already begun doing so, in fact), but right now my main focus is to get back to work on the things people have expected from me and wanted from me for quite some time now. What I’m asking is for maybe some of you to help me help you.

Patreon helps me continue to create the content you’re looking for out of me, and now that I have more free time, I can do more of it, and I can actually improve upon it, not just use the same old bad techniques over and over again. What really helps me are the Request Reviews at the $30 level. Those make me happy for multiple reasons. For one, they’re really my bread and butter and can help me improve. For another, often times, people will request for me to review things I’ve never seen or never heard of before, and I get excited because I get to experience something new and share it with more people. And it has seemed to make the requester happy because I’m talking about something that means a lot to them. If you choose the $30 level, remember, you only need to make a singular $30 pledge to make it happen, and you can choose to stop contributing after just one video goes through. Yes, it’s true that my Patreon is based “per video”, however you can choose a dollar amount to stop being charged, so that you’re not feeling overcharged if you think I’m putting out more work than you can pay for. I know what it’s like to not have enough money to contribute, and I’ve had people message me to apologize for stopping or switching to a lower tier or something similar. You never need to apologize to me for something like this, because I’ve been there! In a way, I sort of still am! Also, remember, at the $30 level, you get access to exclusive things no one else gets to see (coming this week are commentary tracks on the Star Wars films in anticipation of The Force Awakens this December) as well as getting your name or a web site you want promoted listed in the credits of my videos, including the ticker of the weekly show Beyond the Black Rims. Also, early access to pretty much everything I make!

Upcoming Request Reviews currently include:
Perfect Blue
Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

I’d love to see more on that list, and I’d love to talk about your favorite piece of media, from games to movies to TV shows and more! So please, help me make more entertainment for you. I’m only giving myself a couple of months to see if this actually works out. If it does, great, then we keep this up for as long as we can. If not, I have to find something “normal” again, and that could mean that I disappear for quite some time, and I don’t know that my heart can manage to do that anymore when I know that this is what I want to be doing.

Thank you to everyone who’s stuck with me for all these years. If you can’t contribute anything, that’s fine! Most everything comes out for free through me eventually, anyway. Your words and your continued viewings of the things that I do, letting me know what you like and what you don’t like, and letting me know that I’m on the right track to making you happy just as much makes me happy, too.

I’m looking forward to spending more time with all of you, my friends!

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