MarzGurl Sings! – Golden Sky

marzgurl | Jul 14 2011 | Comments  3 

MarzGurl returns to singing in an a cappella rendition of Golden Sky as performed by and featured in Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA.

MarzGurl Sings! – Delightful Spekkio

marzgurl | Oct 22 2010 | Comments  2 

In a random act of fun, MarzGurl arranges a happy theme from Chrono Trigger.

No lyrics, just vocals. MarzGurl tackles a fan favorite from the Duck Tales NES game!

MarzGurl Sings! – Vampire Killer

marzgurl | Feb 19 2010 | Comments  6 

MarzGurl’s Adaptation of Vampire Killer from the NES game Castlevania.

MarzGurl sings an a cappella arrangement of Sonic 2’s Boss Battle and Act Cleared themes.

MarzGurl Sings! – Mega Man 2

marzgurl | Nov 11 2009 | Comments  7 

MarzGurl sings a fully rearranged a cappella version of the intro to Mega Man II.