Halloween is so cool. It’s legitimately one of my favorite holidays all year. I love costuming. So when it’s Halloween time, I’m psyched because stores such as Party City really start to stock up on stuff I can use to create all kinds of costumes.

That’s just what I was thinking when I stumbled across this particular prop ninja sword in stores.

Josh displays how awesome he can look when he holds this plastic ninja sword prop.

But upon closer inspection, there was something funny about it… yes! The sword in fact has Japanese written across the blade on both sides!

One side of the sword, with Japanese written across it.


But… hmm… what does it mean?  Is it just nonsense?  Or is it… something more?  Luckily, I’M here to save the day!

A little bit of closer inspection shows that it says this…

“Please drink your milk.  Your mom’s name.  Honesty/Honest person.  Are you truly kind to animals?  Please give … Please … parents/loved ones.”

…Or something like that.  Look, I’m gonna be honest, the writing on this sword is GOD AWFUL.  Those places where you see I’ve left a gap in what the sword says, I’m pretty sure they just made crap up.  I don’t know every single kanji, admittedly, so maybe a native would be able to better recognize what the kanji was they were TRYING to write.  But I went and hunted through online kanji dictionaries, tried to figure it out by the different radicals in each character, and I STILL didn’t find anything for those two kanji I couldn’t figure out.  In some cases, like in the case of “Your mom’s name”, I’m even sort of stretching that, ’cause it’s missing a line that would make “name”.  And there’s no punctuation, so it just all looks like one big run-on sentence, so in some cases it was hard to determine what was part of what statement.

Anyway, the sword it just littered with bad Japanese writing, stating nothing but complete gibberish.  So, who made this sword?


Disguise.  Got it.  Now I know what company to make fun of when Halloween shopping.


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7 responses to “It’s Halloween Season. How About Some Bad Japanese?”

  1. amber says:

    This does make one think. Like how many people have poorly written kanji tattoos? And does anyone over there have Engrish tattoos?

    • About the former, there’s a whole blog documenting these – http://hanzismatter.blogspot.com/
      As for the latter, I highly doubt there’s a lot of those, considering that tattoos in general have a much greater stigma and outlaw association in Japan than in the West. Tattoo’s are strongly associated with the Yakuza, and those guys have their own traditional style of tats that has no use for Engrish. There might be some small-time biker thugs running around with Engrish tattoos, but probably nowhere near the amount of Westerners with “exotic” kanji tats.

    • Lots of people. There is a blog out there somewhere dedicated to bad kanji tattoos. (Can’t remember the name.)

  2. Pretty sure the last two ones are meant to be 誉を与えなさい and 親に従いなさい. The first one looks like it’s supposed to mean “give honour”, except that 誉 by itself isn’t a word for “honour”; it needs to be either 名誉 or 誉れ. The second one means “obey your parents”.

  3. 3llense'g says:

    “Please drink your milk. Remember your mom’s name. Honesty. Are you truly kind to animals? Please give honour! Please obey your parents.” That’s not gibberish! Those are words to live by! ALL JOIN THE NINJA CYBER SWORD RELIGION! 😀

  4. Rocky says:

    I actually have this sword in my closet of props. You can’t see it in these pictures, but the handle grip is actually some sort of knuckle-duster that forces you to stick your fingers through four holes. It’s suuuper awkward.

  5. Rue Ryuzaki says:

    Wow. Makes me think about all the other toys I’ve seen with questionable Kanji and/or hiragana written on them. lol