Just how terrifying is it that Gene Simmons is working with Sanrio to make a KISS-specialized Hello Kitty?

Sam Raimi’s live-action TV adaptation of the anime series Noir just got greenlit to air on Starz. Can this be pulled off gracefully?

As TOKYOPOP shuts down, they explain what’s happening with all of their unfinished and unpublished manga.

Anime News Editorial – Just Give Up

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Even though 4Kids has been sued and is filing for bankruptcy, they just can’t accept that Yu-Gi-Oh! may end up in another company’s hands.

Regarding reviews, story lines, etc.

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Not much has really prompted me to discuss this, but I was just kinda thinking about it, and if I think about a certain topic for more than five minutes then I usually want to write a blog about it. So, here we go. Of course, as the last couple of posts have shown, I’ve Read the Rest…

This week, FUNimation worked hard to fight piracy and save their streams. But was it really what they wanted to do?

4Kids’ CEO Al Kahn quits and retires from 4Kids Entertainment. ; Sounds like a dream to fans, but is that what this really means for this company?

Come to MAGFest for all your TGWTG needs! ; Plus more upcoming material for the New Year.

When the now well-hated Governer of Tokyo host the Tokyo International Anime Fair, what do anime companies decide to do for themselves?

Anime News Editorial – Anti-Otaku Law

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Could Japanese animation, comics, and video games be changing forever?